Canik SFX

WE (Warthog Firearms) have seen over 20 of the SFX's and Elite's leave our store in the past 8 weeks. All of our Canik customers have come back in and let us know just how good this firearm really is. We have had only one customer come back in and complain about the Elite. They had a few failures to eject and we found out that the recoil spring was to strong. Canik sent us a new spring, we replaced the spring and our customer is happy and the Elite worked as advertized. 


  • Improved Single Action Trigger.
    • We have tried many different triggers in our store but this one seems to be one of the best triggers that we have seen. Clean, crisp and short reset. Great for competition.
  • Reversible Magazine Catch
    • Three different sizes for any size hand.
  • Angled Slide Increases PeripheralVision for Faster Target Acquisition.


  • Competitive Firearms at Common Sense Prices More “Bang for your Buck!”
    • We have found that the SFX with and without the viper is priced a lot less than the other MOS systems.
  • Logical Challenger to Premium Brands.
    • When we show customers two, three or more different firearms, it seems to be that the customer really enjoys the SFX or Elite. When the customer does not have his mind made up for another brand they walk out with the Canik.


  • MIL STD-1913: Picatinny Rail
  • Cerakote over Phosphate
  • AFC Magazine Coating
  • Match Grade Barrel
  • Warren Tactical Sights
  • 60k Rounds Malfunction Free Passes NATO accuracy tests after 50k rounds

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