Warthog Firearms is not your typical "guy's" gun shop. We pride ourselvles in working with women and families, first time shooters or thoses who have been shooting for a long time.


We also know that ladies needs are very different than those of men; how you carry a firearm is the main difference. We also know that black may not be your favorite color. We can aquire firearms in many different colors and manufactures. We have items that can help you carry off body (ladies purses) in many different styles, shapes and colors.

Sig Sauer P938

Sig P938 9MM with bling many more models to choose from. This firearm is very easy to operate and shoots smooth,

Sig Sauer P238

Sig P238 380 Also with bling, Also with lots of models to choose from. Lots with no bling. Easy to operate, shoots smooth.

S&W Shield 380

S&W Shield 380. New firearm on the market. This one is also easy to operate, with or without safety.

Glock 42

Glock 42 380 The old work horse.For some it is a little harder to operate and does not have a safety. Many over the counter upgrades for this Glock, so you can make it yours.

More that might work for you

S&W Revolver

S&W Revolvers in 38spl or 357mag are also a good choice, easy to use no extra levers to fumble with just point and go bang.

SCCy Firearm

SCCY 9MM. Comes in many different colors. This one has a long trigger pull so it may not be for everyone.

Ruger 9Mm

Ruger 9MM. This one is new on the market, it's big brother is the LC9s. Comes with a safety.

Magnum Research 44Mag

Magnum Research 44Mag. This is not for everyone but if you like a bigger bang, we can also help you out.

These are just a small sample of the firearms that we can get or are on hand for our female customers. We would like you to come in and look around let us know how you are going to use the firearm. We will work with you to find out what type of firearm fits and that you can operate without problems. We will show you all the features, how to disassemble and clean. We know that not all of our female customers will need this. We will work with you and show you every firearm that is in the store and tell you the good, bad and ugly for each.