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We are your neighborhood firearms and accessories shop.



Warthog Firearms was founded in 2011 by Joe Bargas and Heidi Liu, We started out doing gun shows for four years. Meet a lot of good customers and made many new friends. In 2015 Warthog Firearms move to a building in Old Town Spring. Lots of our freinds followed us to our new location. We were in Old Town Spring from April 2015 and were required to move out in June of 2017. Come to find out that our location in Old Town Spring was holding Warthog Firearms back.


After two good years in Old Town Spring, we are getting bigger. We moved into a 1200 sqft. building at 810 E. Louetta ste 3A. better parking, nicer store and larger inventory for our great customers. We opened on Spt. 8, 2017 and what a change. Our great customers enjoy our new location, the AR build center and the ease of prarking are just two of the new features for Warthog Firearms.


Warthog Firearms is a full service gun shop. Gunsmithing is limited to replacemet of parts that have failed, drop in triggers, cleaning and AR builds. We use 8 different distributors to receive our inventory. We will special order any pistol, rifle or part for our customers. As in any business we just need to find it.


We are family, Kids and everyone in between, friendly. Our customers make Warthog Firearms who we are. We appreciate each and everyone. It is our goal to povide exceptional customer service, from the smallest spring to the largest rifle or just that cup of coffee, for the little ones and some larger customers we have juice box's.