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Warthog Firearms 




Warthog Firearms 


This is our little shop our home away from home.

NFA Items 


Warthog Firearms can help with all your NFA items from the paper work to the items themselves.


Gunsmithing and Transfers


We still charge only $25.00 for our firearms transfers (per page not per firearm). We can also help you send out your firearms for the cost of shipping.

Warthog Firearms


Warthog Firearms was founded in 2011 by Joe Bargas, In 2013 Brian joined Warthog and has been a great asset. We were doing gun shows for almost 4 years, then Brian said let's stop gun shows and move to a building and we moved Warthog Firearms to  Old Town Spring. Where we have been for over a year.


Warthog Firearms is a full service gun shop. We use 12+  different vendors to get our inventory. We have no problems in ordering any pistol, rifle or part for our customers. As in any busuness we just need to find it. We are family, Kids and everyone inbetween friendly 

Transfers $25.00