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Pistol Inventory



First introduced in the US in 1990, the Jericho 941 has enjoyed wide acceptance by American shooters over the last 25 years. Based on the highly regarded CZ-75 short recoil system, Jericho pistols combine proven design and function with IWI's exceptionally high standards for reliable performance, accuracy and quality construction.


Designed for professionals and amateurs alike, GLOCKS are the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide. Because of its unsurpassed reliability, above-average magazine capacity and its low weight, Glocks are trusted by law enforcement officers around the globe. With our revolutionary "Safe Action" trigger system, the Glock pistolsare safe, easy, and quick-just what you need in high-pressure situations.

Turnbull Mfg.


These accurate reproductions of the iconic Commander 1911 closely replicates the look and feel of Commander models built during WWI era.  The pistol is hand polished before our classic charcoal blue finish is applied.



Although completely different in personality, the Nighthawk Talon, Bob Marvel Custom and all other series feature the thoughtful touches and artisan-like attention to hand work for which the company has become so well-known.

Sig Sauer


Painstakingly engineered and enhanced for the discerning few with the same warrior spirit that inspired it. We have always given professionals what they need. Now, we are giving them what they want.

In Stock New


S&W Shield 9mm ported

S&W Shield 40S&W ported

S&W Shield 9, 40, 45

S&W Shield 9MM m2.0

S&WM&P 9mm m2.0

S&W M&P 40 S&W M2.0


Springfield XD9  3.3" mod2


Sig Sauer's see above


Glocks see above





Jericho 941 9mm


Walther PPQ M1 M2

Walther PPS  9MM & 40S&W


FNS 9 LE 9MM 40 S&W



H&K  VP9

In Stock 1911's


Ithaca 1911


NightHawk  see above


Turnbull   see above


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Ruger SP101 357mag


S&W 442 38 spl.