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Precision Rifles and Ammo

We have just done a deal with Orr Tactical for their  competive shooting ammo and their precision rifles.


 Orr Tactical Precision Rifles are built to the standards established for the United States Marine Corps Sniper Platforms. In fact, they are hand built, with only the highest grade, 100% made in America parts, by a Retired USMC Colonel, who has earned a reputation for achieving excellence. The Actions are mated with the same barrel brand used on the M40 Sniper Rifle, maximizing both accuracy and barrel life. The actions are Pillar and Glass bedded into the stocks, ensuring proper free float to optimize barrel harmonics, and the triggers are enhanced to break cleanly and consistently at less than 2 lbs. They will even ship with proof. We guarantee sub MOA Accuracy, with 1/2 MOA being our norm, so every rifle leaves here with a target shot with our standard off the shelf ammunition to show you how good it really is!

     But, if you are the shooter that requires the most performance out of your equipment, we can do better. Our custom load development process will take this rifle to the next level. We pair the best, 100% American Made Projectiles, with the best precision loading techniques in the industry to give you an ammunition that will exceed anything else you can buy. We run ballistic diagnostics, examine chamber dimensions, optimize bullet seating, crimping force, neck tension... and the list goes on, to give you a load that will maximize your rifle’s accuracy. We store that load in our database, and can make more, on demand, for your shooting needs. And, because we have experience in this highly technical field, we know that as you shoot, very minor changes will occur in your bore leading to subtle changes in accuracy. Bring it back in and we’ll adjust the load so you can continue to shoot the groups you’ve become accustomed to.


There is no such thing as an Expert without Experience: Experience our Expertise first hand.



   9mm 115 gr. FMJ

   9mm 147 gr. RN

   9mm 115 gr. Hornady XTP

   .40 S&W 165 gr. RNFP

   .40 S&W 180 gr. HP

   .40 S&W 180 gr. XTP

   45 ACP 230 gr. RN

   45 ACP 230 gr. XTP




   .223 75 gr. BTHP Match

   .223 55 gr. FMJ BT

   .223 55 gr. VMAX

   300 AAC Blackout 110 gr. Barnes Tac-TX

   300 AAC Blackout 200 gr. Subsonic

   .308 win. 165 gr. Hornady SST

   .308 win. 168 gr. BTHP Match

   .308 win. 200 gr. EXOT subsonic

ORR Mfg. currently manufacture's