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Nighthawk Custom


Built around a corps of advanced pistolsmiths, Nighthawk dates back to 2004. The company’s first guns were pretty straightforward M1911s in several chamberings, with—not surprisingly—the perennial .45 ACP chambering being the most common. Early in the life of the company, I reported on Nighthawk’s guns from the perspective that it was the new kid on the M1911 block (February 2006, p. 64). It was a rewarding experience, and I came to respect the personable, professional crew that built a great line of pistols. The fact that those early Nighthawks were scary accurate didn’t hurt, either. I was therefore pleased when this assignment allowed me to revisit the 10-year-old Nighthawk line via guns made just recently. The company now has a couple dozen models, but chose to send me a representative pair of guns for testing, both .45 ACPs. The first was a Talon model, which is an enhanced version of the basic M1911 service pistol. The second was the somewhat more refined Bob Marvel Custom model, which is a 4¼", all-stainless steel, bushingless-barrel gun. Let’s delve into that one first.


In Stock

T4 Steel 9mm      3395.00               NOW   2895.00          

T4 Alum 9MM      3595.00                NOW   3195.00

Falcon 5"             3395.00                NOW   2695.00                  

Dominator with rail 5"   3650.00       NOW   3195.00


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