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For the Ladies

Items to think about



Nice pistol fits the hand well. Comes in two styles w/safety and wo/ safety. 



Larger than the SCCY and Sig Sauer, but fits the hand well and shoots straight

Flash Bang Holsters


These holsters atach to the ladies bra and are easy to get to and do not show your pistol depending on size of the pistol http://flashbangstore.com/ 

Sig Sauer


Avery nice pistol fits the hand well when using the extended mag. Shoots straight is all steel has an external  safety.

Warthog Firearms is not your typical "guy's" gun shop. We pride ourselvles in working with women and families, first time shooters or thoses who have been shooting for a long time.


We also know that ladies needs are very different than those of men; how you carry a firearm is the main difference. We also know that black may not be your favorite color. We can get pistols in many different colors and manufactures. We have items that can help you carry off body (ladies purses) in many different styles, shapes and colors.


Other Items needed that are not Black but if you like black we can do those also.